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Jul 19, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. rudolph's wife wendy leaped forward and slapped the spectator. later rebekah brooks testified. she's the former editor of "the news of the world." she denied any knowledge of illegal activity. >>> more trouble for vincent gray. there are more questions about his election campaign last year, and whether tens of thousands of dollars in cash contributions may have violated the law. >> reporter: who gave the cash, how much was raised? how was it handled? all new questions for a campaign already under investigation. since last year's election, in which vince gray defeated mayor fenty, questions had been raised about gray's campaign. suleman brown alleges gray operatives have paid him cash in money orders and later gave him a city job to keep up his criticism of fenty, an allegation being probed by the u.s. attorney's office. now an investigation says gray's campaign raised at least $57,000 in cash, that exceeded legal limits of $25 contributions. the campaign hid the money by issuing money orders using different names. it's unclear why it was done. >> there are allegations of impropriet
Jul 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
of clinton, maryland, as well as 49-year-old craig brooks of district heights. police say they were wearing blue utility uniforms when they went to the victim's home yesterday afternoon. the victim has been identified as 44-year-old david williams. he was killed in his home in bowie about 12:45 yesterday afternoon. he was described as a local businessman, and we do know he owned a laundromat, and police say he was apparently targeted for his money. >> we believe that the suspect was posing as pepco workers when they went to mr. williams' home. and we're not sure if mr. williams opened the door or if they actually gained entry through an open door. we're trying to figure out if they knew mr. williams, but we do know that mr. williams is a local business owner here in the county. and we believe that he was targeted because he was a business owner. maybe the suspects believed that he had funds inside the home. so therefore, we know that robbery was the motive. >> reporter: we can say these two suspects have been charged with murder and robbery, and this investigation is continuing. reporting l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2